You’re so creative, Steph!

Erm, yep… that’s what I’ve heard for most of my years I’ve been on this planet.  It’s something I am and do. I’m not sure why and after a long, protracted battle, I’ve decided to embrace this aspect of my personality and let it lead my practice.   

With a background accumulated over 20 years in digital, written, visual, audio and participatory practices – I fuse these mediums together to platform my work and to work with others.

My aim is to enable people to share their voices and experiences to tell their stories

It would be great to work with you – if you have an idea for a project or looking for a creative practitioner who can bring a fresh voice to the table, let’s chat ».

Steph Robson - Creative Practitioner

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Home to the participatory exhibition ‘You’re Just Little’
Revealing the obstacles, challenges and societal assumptions Dwarf People face on a daily basis.