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Website Audits


Pink gerbera in purple vase - The Content Alchemist - small business website auditA website audit evaluates the overall effectiveness of the content on your website.

Over time your website can become overloaded with pages and posts. With broken links and navigation and information that no longer reflects where your business is today. Pages and posts become out of date.

You’re not looking for a website design refresh, what you need is a content refresh – but how?

A website audit provides clarity and helps you focus on what you want to achieve for your business through your website moving forward – and how this can be done.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and wonder where to start.

Why does my website need an audit?

Websites are never finished and tend to grow in cycles. It’s important that they reflect where you currently are in your business. This builds trust and credibility with your clients and customers.

What you have on your website now might have been fine a year ago, even last month, but it can become out of date quickly.

If you have updated your products, services or the message about who you serve has changed, you need to show these changes on your website.

And that’s the scary bit. Where on earth do you start and what changes do you need to make?

Having a Website audit will…

  • Give you an overview of what your current website looks like to your visitors, from a content perspective,
  • Message – is your main message clear?
  • Consistency – the content formatting consistent throughout your website?
  • Relevancy – is the content still relevant and fit for purpose?
  • Fulfil tasks – can your clients find the relevant information about your business and interact with ease?
  • Clarity of what needs updating and refreshing,
  • Control – give you back control and focus of where to start again with the digital marketing efforts of your business,
  • Build your business reputation and credibility – with a safe and stable platform,
  • Solutions – signpost you to the type of help and support you need to resolve the issues found.

What’s included in a Website Audit?

  • A FREE 30-minute audit of your small business website,
  • A PDF document including the findings of your audit, including a sitemap, within 7 working days.
  • You’ll then receive a 30-minute Q&A session where we chat about the findings, best practice and actions you need to move your website forward.



You will be directed to the PayPal to pay for this service, you will then be directed to the form to let me know the website you want auditing.


Steph Robson - The Content Alchemist - helping small business women tidy up their websitesHello, I’m Steph and I’ve been creating, producing and analysing website content for over 16 years. I’ve worked with small businesses to local government to the BBC.

My work is like a bridge between business goals and client needs which I provide feedback for.  Essentially, I put myself in you and your client’s shoes to help you achieve what you need to promote and grow your business. At the same time, I help spot the gaps where your client is falling through with your content.  This unique perspective means I can make sure your website content is fit for purpose and will help your business credibility online.

Terms of service

  • PDF files will be emailed to the email address used at the time of payment unless otherwise requested.
  • Upfront payment is required for this service.
  • Once you have received your website audit, you will receive a link to book your Q&A session.
  • At least 24 hours notice is required if meetings need to be cancelled or rearranged. Failure to attend on more than 2 reschedules will result in the termination of the service with no refund.
  • Q&A’s are held in either Zoom or Skype.