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Blog post: How to create great photos for your business website with your mobile phone

How to create great photos for your business website with your mobile phone


I often dream of having a proper DSLR camera. I think it’s the inner photographer wishing to emerge.   Alas, the budget has never permitted. While I’m no professional photographer, I have managed to pick up and learn a few handy tips along the way when it comes to creating great photos for business websites.

We all want to include photographs that look attractive to our customers, gain admiration and put our best feet forward as businesses.  I can’t reiterate enough how incredibly important to have good photographs for your business website.  I completely understand though – how many of us little businesses have a spare £100+ to hire a professional photographer for a headshot or product photo shoot.

You can make a decent job of it yourself and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. The main aim is to strive for consistency of colour and theme across all the photographs you include on your website.

In fact, with a little practice, imagination, creativity and using the tips below will help the professional look and feel of your website no ends.


For this tip, you need to think about what image do you want to portray?  Friendly, warm, professional, quirky?  Think about how you want to present yourself to your customers. You can do this by adding props (like flowers for instance) that will resonate and tell the story of your business and the products you want to sell. Don’t forget to also think about your website branding too.  What colours do you use? How can you incorporate these into your photos to create a consistent look and feel across all the elements of your website?

Use a plain, light, background

Busy backgrounds detract from the main object of the photograph – either yourself or the product you’re looking to sell.  Having a minimal background works for both headshots and product photographs.  Don’t have a plain desk surface to hand?  I found a fabulous trick about buying a piece of wood (my husband would know the proper term), about a 50cm-1metre square (depending on the size of your products) and you then paint the wood white or the light-colour that you use as part of your business branding. Genius!  You could also invest in a lightbox. Again, this will create a consistent look and feel across all your photos on your website and social media channels.

Grab the best light

Decent lighting can be the difference between a great photograph and a rubbish one. If you don’t have the fancy camera lighting equipment to hand,  there are a couple of tricks you can use.  The best time to take photographs using natural light is either first thing in the morning or at dusk.

Be conscious of where the shadows fall that will make the subject of your photograph look dark, and also where there is too much light that will give you a fabulous, but not very professional-looking halo. If you’re taking photos at the laptop, you can also invest in a selfie ring light.

Tell a story – it’s all about angles!

This relates to the first point of this list, but I also wanted to mention that your photos need to tell a story.   If you work in your own studio, can you include artefacts or tools that you use on a daily basis to show visually what you do?  If you make a product, such as soap or gifts, can you include a few photos? One of the individual product being made, the finished product and a close-up to showcase the detail?

Thinking about the ways you can share your message and story about what you do in your business will make your photographs much more attractive and it will also be easier to sell your services and products.

Share your suggestions

That’s my two pennies worth of advice to creating great photographs for your business website.  Do you have any of suggestions from your own experience?   What tips can you share with us all?

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