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Blog Post: Are you suffering from bright shiny solution syndrome?

Are you suffering from Bright Shiny Solution Syndrome

Does this sound familiar?   An online coach encourages you to use a particular tool or service because they do, only for them to change it a few months down the line and you’re a good few money pounds lighter and their bank accounts fuller from affiliate ch-ching?!?

Where are the results?

No wonder you feel peeved off and wondering where are the results that were promised.

What you need to realise is that they are recommending tools and solutions on what works for their business – not yours. It might be the right tool for you now, or it might not. A particular tool might work for you when your business has developed to where they are in your business in 6 months time, or it may not.

I understand there is an element of risk when you commit to a new tool, solution or service. No one can predict the future so to speak, but what if you have not got the budget?  Or placing all your hopes and business dreams on a particular solution? You need to make savvy decisions that yes, will build your business, but will not break it or your bank balance in the process.

So how can you minimise a potential fall against the backdrop of wanting to expand your business?

Discernment, My Dear, Discernment

When you’re presented with a solution you need to come to your decision-making process with an air of discernment. Ask yourself the following questions…

  1. What other solutions are available to me that are within my budget and do what I need to them to do?
  2. Am I scared of missing out?
  3. Will this tool, solution or service really help me move my business forward or streamline an aspect of my business?
  4. Do I have the client or customer capacity that justifies the price tag?
  5. Does this tool or solution align with the business goals  I want to achieve within the next 6 to 12 months?
  6. Can I afford it now?
  7. Will I be able to afford it in six months time?

You need to be really clear what you want to achieve in your business rather than hoping the latest shiny object will deliver the results you think you are after.

To give coaches and internet experts their due, they are keeping up with what works for business and I imagine most do this with a genuine desire to help.

However, it is incredibly easy to get swept away with the hype and excitement.


When you are really clear what business goals you want to achieve for your business – now and what you want to implement in the next 6 months or so, your decision making about the latest shiny solution will be a lot easier and most importantly, informed.

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