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Blog post: 4 tips for creating an e-commerce home page customers love

4 tips for creating an e-commerce home page customers love


Your home page is one of the most important pages on your e-commerce website.

It’s often the first place a potential customer will land. It’s the chance for you to showcase what you are selling and draw customers further into your website. But if a customer lands on your home page and can’t find what they are looking for, chances are they aren’t going to stick around and will be off to the nearest competitor.

The thing is, you probably love what you sell, you know in your head how fantastic the products are that you sell.  You need a little help making sure your customers find them and realise they love them too.

I understand though, you can get so involved in the setting up of the website. The important points that will make more sales for your business can be overlooked or not realised until you take a step back and reflect on what is and isn’t working.  You may also be scratching your head wondering what is missing.

The tips below will help you create a home page that your customers love… and brings in the sales!

1. Take stock of your home page

The first thing you need to do  – what’s missing? Is the home page really clear about what products you sell?  Can customers connect with your products straightaway?  Take 5-10 minutes out of your day and see what you feel is missing from your home page and what you can do about.

2. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

Now, this can be quite a fun part of improving your website.

Set yourself a number of tasks that you want the customer to be able to complete from starting at the home page. These could be:

1. find a particular product,
2. make an order
3. be able to contact you.

Now imagine you are your ideal customer who has just landed on the home page of your website.

  1. Can you complete those tasks?
  2. What’s missing?
  3. What information could be added?

Doing the above exercise will help minimise the chances of visitors bouncing right off your website and you’ll gain a greater appreciation of what is called the ‘user experience’.

Always come from a customer perspective when adding content and information to any page of your website.

There’s nothing like being excited to find out about the lovely products your selling and then they land on your website and meh, where are the lovely products you were just talking about? Where are they?!

3. Add your products to the home page!

Which brings me nicely to… don’t t forget to actually add the products to the front page of your website.  I’m often surprised by how often I see an e-commerce website without images of the products they sell.  Don’t be one of them!  No point hiding your products away in the shop section! That’s what people have come to have a look for!

This is not the moment to be coy either! Don’t be shy about putting your products out there. Whether you are showcasing products from different sections or individual products, make sure to add them to the front page of your website!  Don’t forget to include photographs of your products that showcase them in the best light.  Not confident you can do this? Read this blog post about how to create great photographs for your business website.

4. Navigation

Customers are not psychic, you need to make it really easy for them to find what they’ve come to find.

To do this you need to have clear navigation that guides the customer to what they are looking for.  Navigation isn’t only for the top bar of your website.  Your home page is prime real estate in terms of promoting your products.  You can use the home page to highlight different products at relevant times of the year. Or highlight the categories with a photograph of the item you want to promote.

Keep Products at the front of your mind and your home page

Your website home page is your digital shop window.  Imagine how you would dress a physical shop window and then think about how you can emulate this for your website homepage.

The main takeaway should make sure you promote your products on your front page and be sure to keep the customer in mind so they can find what they are looking for easily.

Your turn

What tips do you have for creating an effective home page for your e-commerce website?

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